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LecturesLecturesLecturesLecturesLecturesLecturesLecturesLecturesDifferent FormatsPostersPostersWorkshop 1Workshop 2Workshop 1Workshop 2Discussion Panel.Discussion Panel.Parralel Round TablesDiscussion Panel.
24.6Session 111:50-13:20Perspectives on High Quality Teacher Education, Mentoring and Teacher educationPersonal NarrativesTeaching CareerTeaching EnglishCommunication and Media StudiesCultural Identity among Arab TeachersNovel Teaching MethodsCultural and generational challenges Poster SessionBeginning Teachersauthentic learning Tools for Developing Psychological Resilience and Implementing Cognitive Potentials among Students at Elementary SchoolsWriting an Ethical code: A Participatory Action Project Engaging Students, Faculty and Preschool TeachersHow can studying the teaching of a discipline impact Teachers’ training?Call to Care: A Mindfulness and Compassion-Based Social-Emotional ProgramMOOC in Teacher Education: Initial Organizational LessonsWhere have the Sensory Touch gone?                                Session 1
Long Round table
Short round tables 1-9 24 June, session 3 17:20-18:50
24.6Session 1155, 409,54819333868373151,97,356,42277101149565203, 415, 576, 6075341455560840051359070314626429954148,83,108,261,469,544,612,750, 7324,165,221,488,536, 577,648,672241,41,59,151,186,245,258,313,598 11:35-12:35500 12:35-13:35707 11:35-12:35748 12:35-13:35504735316, 418, 175, 503, 28, 52
24.6Session 214:10-15:40Perspectives on Teacher Education ProgramsMentoring in EducationNarrative Pedagogy and teachers' professional development SymposiumTeachers as EducatorsReadingTeaching and SocietyDealing with Conflicts in Israeli SocietyNovel Teaching Methods in Teacher EducationEquality in Education
Poster Session
Excellent Studentsscience and technology learningIncreasing Preservice Teachers' Meaningful Learning: Adding Metacognition, Self- Regulated Learning and Epistemic Thinking.Krembo Wings - Applying Principles of Inclusion and Diversity for Student Groups with and without DisabilitiesTraining Creative Teachers- an Interdisciplinary Practical Training ApproachVictory Without Memory: Towards Effective Professional DevelopmentRedefining 21st Century's Classrooms: Techno-Pedagogical Added Values of Future Learning SpacesThe Professional Teaching Framework for English Teachers in Israel: Implementation in Teacher TrainingDemocratic Education1A 339, 1B 711, 1C 729
24.6Session 2124246457481100222250537392256198426167455604701228385632635305317723138143,308,39,12218521626513040,163,420,580, 634,666, 669133,365,442,487,493, 514, 583102,212,343,525,561,658,713,725,734,168 13:55-14:55651 14:55-15:55587 13:55-14:55166 14:55-15:55353419Multicultural Education2A-597 2B-687 2C-142
24.6Session 317:20-18:50Teacher Education Programs' Effects Teachers' Professional LearningMindfulness and Contemplative Approaches in Teacher Education: Rationales, Practicalities, Potentials and Difficulties SymposiumIsraeli Teachers and Elementary School Children's Sense of Meaning SymposiumReading and CreativityThe Sound of Silence: The Avoidance of Discussing Sex, Politics, and Historical Controversies in the Israeli Classroom SymposiumDealing with the Palestinian- Jewish conflictNovel Methods in Teacher Education Building Professional Identitye-learningA Workshop Developing Emotional-Social Skills for Students Through "The Way Of Council"Developing Leadership in Disadvantaged Schools: A Multidimensional ModelCurriculum Planning and Design Promoting Future Thinking Literacy in LIFTS CentersA Different Reality: AR & VR in the classroomCan the Medium and the Message Go Hand in Hand? Pedagogical Competitions among Beginning TeachersChange Drivers are the schools’ curricula: The Case of Interdisciplinary Technology -Education in IsraelShort round tables 1-9
See Colum X
Professional Development3A-483 3B-81 3C-458
24.6Session 3158240373673679564641657283207132273232 , 364, 162, 465375478535271, 267, 350, 716192476596315490517718277,114,354,362,595,621, 674,705,737585,125,176,196,304, 370,601,614, 44179 17:05-18:05470 18:05-19:05294 17:05-18:05534 18:05-19:05411266Social Involvment4A-639 4B-708 4C-194
25.6Session 49:30-11:00Comparing between Teacher Education ProgramsProactive Professional Development Caring for Students' WellbeingTeachers' Authority and Class Management Innovative Methods of Teaching MathPerspectives on High Quality Teaching and LearningPromoting Social Sensitivity and Peace Education In Early Childhood - The Perspectives and Roles of Parents and Teachers Online LearningSpecial education 2 Poster SessionTeachers’ Professional Development Innovative Teaching and Learning PracticesA Family under Stress - Drama as an Innovative Exploration of Social Behavior During a Family Crisis.'My Neighborhood Map': Experiencing a New Narrative Method as a Way to Emotional LearningTo Learn, to Experience, to LeadWhere Form Meets Function: Designing Space for Transformational LearningThe Story of the Amal Educational Network and Edumission - A Global Challenge to Make Education RelevantCollaborative Learning in a Global WorldSession 2
Long Round table
Optimal Management of Professional Learning in IsraeSocial emotional5A-668 5B-738 5C-600
25.6Session 454,84,230,25337868871527813536849258452256662771456757172475226532743223, 224, 225, 31412020436962487, 210, 215, 428, 516, 620, 638515,160,172,177,328, 650,698213, 270, 309, 482, 575, 593, 676, 739141 9:15-10:15174 10:15-11:15719 9:15-10:15663 10:15-11:155544955, 286, 295, 677, 745, 542665Shared Learning6A-281 6B-298 6C-318
25.6Session 513:10-14:40From New Teacher Learning to Teacher Performance in Diverse Contexts of Practice: An Ecological Perspective SymposiumTeachers and Teacher- Leaders' Professional Growth: Creating a Culture of Motivation and Collaborative Learning SymposiumProfessional Self-PerceptionsMotivationDealing with Difficulties in Math Global Perspectives on EducationCultural and Social Sensitivity in Early Childhood – Research and Implications for Teacher Education SymposiumLearning SpacesLeadershipInnovative Approaches In Teacher EducationImplementation of M-Learning in Teacher Training for ADHD – Demonstrating an Innovative Active-Learning Program. "Why?  What? & How?"-  Motivating Students with Three Simple QuestionsLong Term Memory Enhancement for Higher Education: Application of Neuroscience and Digital Pedagogy InsightsSeeing Texts – A Multisensory Experience through Art and Biblical TextsPromises and Expectations Meeting the Reality in the University Mergers: Cases from Finland and IsraelBetween Central Office and Learning Communities: Hashkafa - Teacher Leadership for Professional LearningDiverse Way of Learning 7B-511 7C-606
25.6Session 5654, 655, 661, 662395, 530, 197, 684935246316443874676156891231282913464511029074140542939610724834840642, 65, 94, 195, 359, 374, 547, 559, 592 50, 75, 170, 181, 201, 382, 425, 521367 12:55-13:55451 13:55-14:55712 12:55-13:55464 13:55-14:55637171Student teachers recruitment8A-44 8B-323 8C-347
25.6Session 616:20-17:50Ripples and Waves: The Implementation of PBL in a Teacher Education College SymposiumProfessional Learning CommunitiesPedagogical Methods Effects on Students' WellbeingInclusionTeaching MathEducational Leadership and PoliciesPromoting Social Sensitivity and Peace Education In Early Childhood - The Perspectives and Roles of Parents and Teachers
ICT - Beyond the Limits of Time and Space: The Teacher's Role in Breakthrough Learning SymposiumSimulations LECSpecial educationNew pedagogical methodsForming Inclusive Attitudes of Physical Education Teachers towards Students with Disabilities in the Arab SectorAltering Aggression Norms in a Group Setting and Social-Emotional Learning through GamesAn Experience of Heutagogy (Self-Determined Learning) approachEducating for Equality Using Interactive Videos and Virtual Worlds: MOOC Introduction to MulticulturalismSocial Involvement and Entrepreneurship in Teacher Education: From Passive Teaching to Active PedagogyTeacher Education in Germany - Current Trends and Reforms Social Identity and 9A-46 9B-578
25.6Session 6169202218244109252285332642792964175615618075690,91,92,523217433675633459437557, 545,563, 104280538446, 454, 480, 497, 526, 528, 628543, 562, 229, 460, 508, 681, 696, 710, 721423 16:05-17:05540 17:05-18:05231 16:05-17:05157 17:05-18:05330699
26.6Session 79:30-11:00Academy-Class Project Teachers' Professional Growth The Professional Contribution of Challenging Events to TeachersTeaching Students with Special NeedsTeaching Math in Secondary Schools Assessing TeachingMulticultural EducationImplementing ICT in Teacher EducationTeaching Methods LECEmotional EmpowermentImproving class learning Innovating Teacher Education through Design-Thinking Principles.Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers Learn to Notice Critical Events in Clinical PreparationPromoting Culturally Sensitive Education in Early Childhood, Using Persona DollsPATHWAYS: How Educators Can Change the Game with Problem-Solving Negotiation ToolsCommunities as Sites of Professional Learning for Teacher EducatorsTEC Model: Prospective, Implication, Opportunities and Challenges Session 3
Long Round table
26.6Session 7219, 344, 360, 96268, 594, 686, 13474242319640182, 80, 262 , 533131647697740137152239249263292507602159388485642506, 609, 660, 496307, 351, 357, 403, 408, 432, 484, 573553, 58, 334, 427, 438, 439, 671, 325, 727471 9:15-10:15505 10:15-11:15397 9:15-10:15623 10:15-11:15416284754, 444, 572, 546, 645, 479
26.6Session 813:10-14:40The PROTEACH Project: Theory and Findings
Educational LeadersTechers' Coping with Behavioral and Emotional ProblemsThe Impact of Digital Technology on the Executive Functions of Students with Special Needs SymposiumMath Teachers' Professional LearningPerspectives on AssessmentMulticulturalism ATeachers' Attitudes towards Novel Teaching Methods"I Have a Name" - What to Call God in Class Workshop 1 Teaching in Heterogeneous Classes: Dynamic Learning of the verse "Let there be light"
workshop 2
Mind, emotions and spiritsEducational policy: global and local challengesEmpowering Bedouin Pre-Service Teachers to become Community Change Agents by Enriching Book Reading with ChildrenTowards a Virtual Campus - Experiential Learning in Virtual RealityPedagogical Awareness: A Concept, an Attitude and a Tool for Seeing Beyond the ObviousBarrier to the Banal: The Role of Art in Making Holocaust Education RelevantWhy I am (not) Writing: The Relationship Between the Writer to Herself and To WritingNational Centers for Science Teachers – Moving from the Fan Model to Personalized Professional Development Models
26.6Session 8588, 619, 726, 391238276582586288,300,599,72233, 208, 456, 2148911932246866173254744649302349435466494372355 12:55-13:55 520 13:55-14:5534, 78, 352, 461, 556, 722234, 257, 384, 622, 693, 402, 450, 453, 579625 12:55-13:55386 13:55-14:55560 12:55-13:55656 13:55-14:55659692
26.6Session 915:00-16:30Beginning TeachersTeacher EducatorsTeachers' Coping with Stressspecial educationScience EducationAcademic SkillsMulticulturalism BImplementing Technology: Students' Attitudes and Skills Disruptive Innovation in Professional Development Workshop 1 Brain, Mind and Mindfulness in Class - Using Neuroscience and Contemplative Pedagogy to Nurture Human Development.
Workshop 2
Engaging students in learningIdeology and global educationDigital Literacy - The Library as an Agent of Change through GamificationEducating Toward Sensible Democracy with "Think" (A Decision-Support App)High-School Teachers’ Professional Development towards Interweaving Contemporary Disciplinary Knowledge in School: The Case of Mathematics-News-SnapshotsWhat Do You See? From Collaborative Observation to Critical Thinking via VTS DiscussionsA Growth Mindset Approach to Teacher Training and its Impact on Emergent Teacher Identity Optimal Training for Leaders of Teacher Communities and FacilitatorsSession 4
Long Round table
26.6Session 9882112207491051173425691061502895517616134044370519603616336652667742751393445617297, 475, 486, 502611 14:45-15:45 78 15:45-16:45 206, 129, 275, 320, 452, 549, 552, 694, 733361, 383, 412, 436, 477, 495, 646, 664, 732509 14:45-15:45312 15:45-16:45678 14:45-15:45653 15:45-16:45489685695, 430, 67, 71, 272, 558