The MOFET Institute is a national intercollegial center for the research and development of programs in teacher education and teaching in the colleges. The Institute constitutes a unique framework both in Israel and worldwide for supporting teacher educators’ professional development.  It was founded by the Department of Teacher Education in the Ministry of Education in 1983 and is a Ministry of Education-funded non-profit organization. It was established in the belief that because the teacher education profession had its own unique components, it was necessary to directly respond to the needs of professional development of teacher educators.

The MOFET Institute‘s mission is to serve as a professional meeting-place for teacher educators and to facilitate an educational dialogue among colleagues both in the teacher education system and in other settings in the education system. The professional encounters afford an exchange of opinions, the broadening of knowledge and collaborative study; teacher educators’ specialization and professional, personal and group development; the creation and dissemination of professional knowledge regarding the significance of teacher education, its patterns of action and its meanings; the initiation and development of system-wide directions and projects in teacher education and in fields of research and educational enterprise.

The MOFET Institute aspires to raise the standard of education by improving teacher education and preparing teacher educators to face the most demanding challenges of the rapidly changing modern world – a situation that requires them to constantly adapt to changing environments.


Dr. Michal Golan, head of MOFET Institute