About The Conference

During the past few years, many significant changes have taken place in teacher education.  Special programs have been opened to attract teachers with professional and academic backgrounds in various disciplines; a more extensive part of training takes place in the schools and kindergartens, and greater recognition is given to disciplinary knowledge of teachers and the teaching methods they bring with them. Global processes such as the demand for and the promise of quality teaching and learning in higher education, and the recognition of the importance of giving an opportunity to  each learner, have had an impact on teacher education in Israel. Many additional changes are expected in the near future. All of these changes require a new and innovative way of looking at teacher education, from the standpoint of research and practice.

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the Seventh International Conference of Teacher Education that will take place in 2019: The Innovation Story of Teacher Education. The conference will provide a platform for teacher education colleges and universities and is also open to excellent research presentations of MA students. The language of the conference will be English, and lecturers from abroad will participate.