Dalia Dorner

Supreme Court Justice (Emerita)

Dalia Dorner was born in Istanbul, Turkey on March 3rd, 1934.  In 1944, she immigrated to Israel and was educated in Neve HaYeled, a Youth Aliya children’s village in Nahariya.  In 1951, she graduated high school from the Re’ali school in Haifa.  In 1956 she graduated with a Masters’ degree from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1960, she was licensed as an attorney and enlisted in the IDF, where she served in the Military Advocate General in the roles of Command Prosecutor, Command Defense and Chief Military Defense. In 1973, she was appointed a military judge, initially as president of a district military court and then as a judge on the Military Court of Appeals.  She was the first woman in the IDF, besides those serving in the women’s corps, to rise to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and colonel.  In 1979, she was appointed judge to the Beer Sheva District Court, and in 1984 to the Jerusalem District Court.  In 1994, she was appointed a provisional Supreme Court Justice, and a year later this position was made permanent.  Toward the end of her career as a Justice, she headed the Israeli Central Elections Committee for the 17th Knesset and for local authority elections.  Dorner was closely identified with human rights and for her broad interpretation of the Basic Laws.  In 2004, she retired from the Supreme Court.  In 2006, she was appointed President of the Israeli Press Council.